1.    FULL NAME (first and last) and Location (city and state)


2.    A Proposal (An introduction, How can a sponsorship help you and Stage Motorsports?,  Network, Skills, etc.)  Do you (if any) have obligations with other companies or sponsors.  Are you affiliated with any forums, communities or clubs?  Plans for exposure? (How you can help us)  Products of interest?  (How we can help you?)  Social Networks?  A good proposal will have a better chance of being accepted into the sponsorship program.  Put a little effort into it, we will definitely notice you apart from the many applications we get a day.


3.    Current Mod List (What have you modified or upgraded? NOT what you plan to modify)


4.  Future Plans ( what parts are you looking for? What are the plans for your car?)


5.    NO MORE than 5 current and CLEAR Pictures of your Vehicle Please do not send us progress pictures or pictures of your parts. We want to see your car in its ENTIRETY at current state.) DO NOT send pictures of half your car, extreme angles, obstructed views, or heavily edited photos.



An application does not guarantee sponsorship.  Applications will be confirmed via email.  APPROVED SPONSORSHIPS will be confirmed via email.  Please do not contact us regarding your application after it has been confirmed received.  Application process can take a few weeks due to the overwhelming number of applicants. Failure to follow directions will result in forfeit from the application process without notice.